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WCCTV Tower Watches Over Cable Jointing Site

Case Studies

McNicholas Construction - Joint Bay Site Security

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Case Study Background

McNicholas Construction is a leading provider of services to the UK’s multi-utility sector.

At their site in Levington Bridge Road, McNicholas was contracted to remove traditional electrical pylons and replace them with high voltage cables installed underground.

In the process of this activity, McNicholas was required to create joint bays every few hundred metres.

The Challenge - Remote Construction Site Security

Throughout the works, McNicholas would require security at the joint bays, primarily located in remote fields. These locations are remote, isolated and have little in the way of supporting infrastructure. They are a target for theft due to the presence of the newly installed cabling.

Central to the challenge facing McNicholas was the lack of power available at these remote locations and the complexity of the detection zones needing to be protected.

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The Solution - Autonomous Rapid-Deployment CCTV Towers with Thermal Detection

McNicholas Construction contracted WCCTV as a specialist provider of temporary site security solutions for remote locations.

Wireless CCTV provided McNicholas with the Thermal Smart Tower, a Rapid Deployment CCTV tower designed for site security at locations where complex detection areas may cause traditional motion detectors to deliver false alarms.

Crucially, Thermal Smart Towers can be provided with inbuilt fuel cell technology, allowing them to be powered autonomously for up to 10 weeks before refuel, removing the onsite power requirement.

The system is comprised of a WCCTV Site Tower with the addition of 2 fixed 640 thermal cameras and/or a thermal infrared pan, tilt and zoom camera with an internal analytics engine running high accuracy alarm detection rules.

The Result - Cable Theft Prevention

By deploying the WCCTV Thermal Smart Tower, the sites were fully protected, and the newly installed high voltage electric cables in the joint bays were kept secure. As the Thermal Smart Tower is a rapid-deployment CCTV system, the installation took just a matter of minutes, meaning McNicholas' site was fully protected quickly.

The thermal analytic detection provided robust and intelligent detection in a complex detection zone. Site Managers could remotely view live or recorded footage from the camera using WCCTV's free monitoring software connect to 4G technology.

This was particularly helpful for McNicholas as they were able to view from the yard across all joint bay locations at any time.

The Quote

Having WCCTV’s Thermal Smart Tower deployed proved to be a big cost-saving and good deterrent, and we had no worries about whether a security guard would turn up due to the 24-hour coverage of the site provided by the tower.

WCCTV were very helpful during all stages of the project and kept us informed of any mishaps that occurred.

Site Manager, McNicholas Construction

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