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CCTV Tower at Remote Construction Site

Case Studies

Story Contracting - Invercoe Bridge Replacement - Site Security and Time Lapse Video

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Story Contracting has been delivering first-class construction projects across North England and Scotland since 1987 and has a strong reputation as a trusted provider of civil engineering and construction services.

In December 2021, Story Contracting commenced a project to replace the Invercoe Bridge in the village of Glencoe on behalf of The Highland Council.

The works required the installation of a new temporary road bridge diversion over the River Coe, which would maintain traffic flows while the existing bridge was demolished and work on the new permanent structure commenced.

The new structure will provide continued access to communities around Glencoe for many years.

The Challenge – Remote Construction Site Security

The ultra-remote location of the site, coupled with the high value of plant machinery required for the construction, meant Story Contracting required a reliable, proactive security system for the project’s duration.

Due to the changing nature of the site, the security solution had to be able to protect multiple areas of the site, without the need for constant relocation of the equipment.

Finally, due to the high level of interest in the project, both Story and the Council were keen to capture time lapse video updates of the key milestones – including the installation of the new bridge.

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The Solution – WCCTV Managed Security Services

As a specialist provider of Rapid Deployment CCTV solutions for remote and temporary construction projects, WCCTV was identified as the ideal security partner for the project.

WCCTV installed an HD Site Tower in the compound, backed by our comprehensive service that includes alarm monitoring, ongoing maintenance, support and performance monitoring.

The CCTV Tower itself contains 4G capability for video transmission, meaning a fixed internet connection was not required.

Its HD infrared, 360° PTZ camera is capable of capturing crystal-clear images even in total darkness, and the built-in speakers allow for a remote audio challenge to any intruders.

All videos recorded by the Tower are stored for 30 day, allowing for retrospective review.

Finally, to ensure no area of the site was left unprotected, WCCTV installed multiple wireless detectors to create an invisible tripwire perimeter.

If an intruder were to break that perimeter, they would be immediately detected and a remote crime-prevention process would begin.

Additional Benefit – Time Lapse Video

Our Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers feature secondary video channels that allow for the addition of high-quality time lapse video cameras.

This allowed Story Contracting to capture the milestone of lifting in the new temporary bridge without the need to budget for another contractor to provide video services.

WCCTV creative team provided Story with a fully edited, professional standard video that was shared with the Council, key stakeholders and potential clients.

The Result

WCCTV’s managed security solution has deterred unwanted intruders and theft from the site.

A statement from Brian Gilchrist, Site Manager at Invercoe Bridge for Story Contracting:

“We've been impressed with the quality of the time lapse pictures, and (we know the camera monitoring works) because if we are five or even two minutes out with our clocking off time, the people (Monitoring Station) are on the phone immediately. So, the service has been excellent.”

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