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Temperature Screening Solution

WCCTV's Temperature Screening Solutions provide a rapid-deployment solution to control site and building entry during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. 

Designed to meet the growing demand to keep workers safe and provide ongoing reassurance, the WCCTV Temperature Screening solution provides a fully automated, contact free method to detect individuals with a high temperature before they access your sites or buildings. 

The solution has been designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and can be provided as part of WCCTV's comprehensive site security service

The videos below demonstrate the solution in action: 

High-Temperature Reading:

 Low Temperature Reading:

How it works:

  • A person approaches the camera at the start of their daily shift

  • When in range, the camera reads the person's temperature

  • If a high temperature is detected a red warning light flashes and an audio command is issued asking the person to leave the site/office and contact a manager via telephone

  • The system will automatically email a designated contact with the person's temperature reading 

  • If a normal temperature is detected a green light flashes and an audio command is issued reminding the person to wear a mask

In action:


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