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Traffic and Transport CCTV

WCCTV's wide range of rapid deployment CCTV systems are used extensively by companies responsible for managing road networks for multiple applications.

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WCCTV's mobile CCTV solutions form a critical part of the backbone of modern traffic management.

Our agile and adaptable cameras can be swiftly deployed to address evolving traffic conditions and safety concerns, providing high-quality images via wireless networks to enhance insights into traffic flow, congestion and incidents.

Whether it's monitoring motorways or construction areas, our cameras enhance awareness, improve response times and contribute to safer and more efficient road networks.

Benefits of Redeployable CCTV for Traffic Management

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Remote Traffic Management

CCTV Systems for Roads and Motorways

WCCTV's rapid deployment CCTV systems help traffic management companies improve safety and security across road networks.

The flexibility and portability of our units means you can achieve surveillance coverage where traditional CCTV systems can't reach, allowing for remote management of:

  • Congestion monitoring
  • Incidents and collisions
  • Road civils projects

Our cameras can be installed in less than 30 minutes and can operate completely autonomously, so no matter how remote your requirement is, we can cover it. 

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Rapid Deployment CCTV

WCCTV Redeployable Dome Cameras

Explore the key technical features and use case for our mobile CCTV cameras. 

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Road Monitoring Systems

Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers for Highways

CCTV towers play a pivotal role in enhancing safety and security on highways and motorways by providing real-time surveillance and monitoring of traffic conditions.

They facilitate efficient traffic management by enabling authorities to swiftly identify and respond to incidents such as accidents, breakdowns and congestion by allowing remote access to live footage.

The footage recorded by the cameras also serves as a vital tool for investigative purposes and reviewing working practices.

Furthermore, CCTV systems assist in implementing smart traffic solutions, providing data to optimize traffic flow and enhance infrastructure planning.

Explore WCCTV's Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers

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Features and Benefits

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Managed Service

We back our CCTV systems with a full service that includes installation, maintenance, alarm monitoring, connectivity, support and ongoing reporting. Concentrate on the day job while we handle everything.

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Rapid Deployment

Our CCTV systems require no complicated installation process, so they can be deployed at your locations within minutes, providing full coverage of your transport network. 

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Our portable CCTV systems can quickly and easily be relocated to meet changing and evolving monitoring requirements meaning your cameras never become outdated.

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Rental Options

With our CCTV rental options, you only need to pay for cameras when you need them most. We will deliver and install kit when you need it, and take it away when you don't. 

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Remote Access

Keep a watchful eye over your transport networks from anywhere at any time with our free mobile app and desktop software, increasing awareness without needing site visits. 

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Cost Effective

Our rental camera model and plug-and-play set up process greatly reduce your outlay on increasing safety and security across your networks. 

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Use Cases of Traffic and Transport CCTV

Traffic Management

WCCTV's cameras assist in monitoring traffic flow on roads, enabling authorities to detect congestion and implement measures to enhance fluidity.

They facilitate rapid detection of accidents, breakdowns or obstructions, enabling quick response from emergency services and management teams to minimise disruptions and ensure safety.

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Use Cases of Traffic and Transport CCTV

Road Maintenance Projects

WCCTV's cameras safeguard road construction projects by providing real-time surveillance to deter theft, vandalism and unauthorised entry or incursions into work sites.

Additionally, they support safe working practices, ensuring that protocols are adhered to and reducing the risk of accidents and injuries on-site.

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Use Cases of Traffic and Transport CCTV

Workforce Safety

Road workers are subjected to unacceptable abuse ranging from verbal threats to physical attacks and life-threatening vehicle incursions daily.

WCCTV's body worn cameras are shown to improve public interactions and have a transformative impact on shielding roadworkers from aggression and attacks.

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Body Cameras for Highways Workers

Road workers are subjected to unacceptable abuse ranging from verbal threats to physical attacks and life-threatening vehicle incursions daily.

These incidents have risen sharply, with 330 reported in 2020, almost one a day.

WCCTV's body cameras have been deployed for multiple highway applications. In conjunction with other safety measures, they are shown to have a transformative impact on shielding roadworkers from aggression and attacks.

Click below to request your free four-week trial, which allows you and your team to test our cameras' effectiveness. 

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Document Your Projects

Time Lapse Video Filming

WCCTV provides high-quality Time Lapse Video cameras and production services for road construction and maintenance projects

We'll create a time lapse video based on your specifications and key milestones to ensure you receive a video that perfectly captures your project.

We can provide video filming even if your site has no power, camera mounting poles, or connectivity. 

Our creative team will provide complete post-production editing services, including music, animation, and text overlays that turn your videos into interactive stories for you to share with the world.

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