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Redeployable CCTV Camera at a Beach


The Role of Mobile CCTV in Public Spaces

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We outline mobile CCTV’s role in public spaces and why WCCTV is the best choice for your CCTV requirements.

What is the role of Mobile CCTV in public places?

Mobile CCTV cameras are a vital tool for deterring crime and gathering evidential footage that can be used for criminal prosecution.

As the UK’s leading supplier of redeployable CCTV systems for over 20 years, WCCTV has unmatched experience working with local authorities and police departments on multiple crime reduction and prevention operations.

Our CCTV systems are designed to deter crime and allow for the retrospective investigation of any crimes that occur applications. The core purpose is to increase public safety.

Below, we outline mobile CCTV’s role in public spaces and why WCCTV is the best choice for your CCTV requirements.

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Use Case #1: Community Safety

Redeployable CCTV cameras provide temporary surveillance and reassurance in areas where residents' safety is of concern.

Police and council CCTV teams can use the cameras to monitor community areas with high crime rates or persistent anti-social behaviour issues. The cameras can be deployed on an ad-hoc basis until issues are resolved.

Additionally, installing mobile CCTV in these areas can deter crime; if someone is spotted acting suspicious, the appropriate team can intervene before any crime occurs.

Since community safety is virtually guaranteed when a CCTV unit is installed, the fear of crime within the community can be reduced.

Use Case #2: Reduce Crime Rates

CCTV helps reduce crime in community areas as their presence alone is enough to deter would-be criminals from engaging in illegal activities.

Northumbria Police recently released figures that indicated a 40% reduction in anti-social behaviour across the region following the deployment of WCCTV's redeployable CCTV cameras.

They praised the camera's flexibility in targeting areas, which has allowed them to proactively reduce crime rates within the community.

A mobile CCTV system can significantly prevent crime (and reduce the fear of crime) within local communities.

Use Case #3: Identifying and prosecuting criminals

If a crime is committed in an area where a mobile CCTV unit is installed, the chance of prosecuting this criminal is much higher.

Every redeployable CCTV system supplied by WCCTV contains in-built 4G transmission technology to transmit live and recorded video.

Allowing users to access their cameras anytime, from any connected device – to search, review and share the footage as and when required.

CCTV cameras provide the ultimate eye-witness testimony. Without CCTV in communities, it would be difficult to gain a full helpful description of an offender who committed the crime, even if witnesses were available.

Use Case #4: Provide Evidential Footage

CCTV footage assists police and local authority teams in identifying individuals involved with criminal activities.

To ensure the footage is admissible in criminal prosecutions, there are several strict perimeters the recording systems must meet.

WCCTV’s redeployable CCTV units capture high-quality evidential footage that is time and date-stamped, ensuring it can be used in a courtroom as evidence for the prosecution. 

Redeployable CCTV Case Study: Brighton Council - Flytipping Reduction

Brighton & Hove Council invested in our Redeployable Cameras, the 4G Mini Dome + ANPR cameras, to strategically target fly-tipping hotspots.

The cameras can be rapidly deployed at these locations as they are completely wireless solutions that operate over the 4G mobile network.

The cameras provide high-quality imagery of fly-tipping activity, and the integrated ANPR units capture crystal-clear images of vehicle number plates.

Once the fly-tipping challenges in a particular location are resolved, the cameras can be easily relocated to new areas where surveillance is required - allowing the Council to remain agile in responding to crime. 

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Redeployable CCTV for Public Spaces

Investing in redeployable CCTV cameras as an alternative or addition to your fixed CCTV systems delivers several key benefits.

These benefits include cost reduction, quicker installation, and a more flexible approach to your CCTV strategy.

Although Redeployble CCTV cameras may not be suited to every surveillance application, they offer unrivalled advantages for the use cases described above.

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