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Use Cases for Covert CCTV Cameras

Covert CCTV cameras deliver multiple benefits for police and local authorities where discreet 24/7 monitoring is required.

WCCTV’s 4G Covert Dome has been developed in conjunction with our extensive customer base to meet a range of specific requirements, creating the ultimate operational effectiveness.

It combines an HD PTZ camera, 4TB local recording capacity and 4G transmission technology, all hidden in a durable, environmentally tested housing that is easy to deploy and blends into the surroundings.

Our covert units run continuously throughout the day, capturing vital evidence needed to support criminal investigations. Live and archived footage can be streamed remotely by utilising our license-free software and via the mobile app.

These systems have supported local authorities and police departments and protected valuable assets and infrastructure on construction sites, utility sites, vacant properties and more.

Below, we have listed the key use cases for covert redeployable CCTV.


Use Case for Covert CCTV Cameras

  • Local Authorities CCTV applications
  • Construction site security
  • Utilities and CNI security
  • Vacant Property protection

Covert CCTV for Local Authorities Use Cases

Local authorities’ CCTV applications are the most common deployment for WCCTV’s covert CCTV camera. The system gathers evidence 24/7 and acts as extra eyes on the ground for public space monitoring. 

WCCTV’s 4G Covert Dome is a plug-and-play CCTV camera that can be easily and quickly mounted to a lamp post with access to power. It is designed for one-person installation and 10-minute deployment and offers remote connectivity via 4G networks.

Typical local authority covert applications include identifying criminals responsible for fly-tipping, organised crime, county lines and anti-social behaviour.

Covert CCTV cameras for Construction Sites

Typically, construction CCTV would be a highly overt solution that acts as a visual deterrent offering your site the ultimate protection and an effective way of securing your construction sites.

Installing covert CCTV cameras at construction sites would not be for the primary protection of the site but for the potential benefit of investigating and monitoring onsite theft by employees and contractors. This type of theft still plagues construction sites, particularly those with highly valued plant and materials.

The Ultimate Construction Site Safety and Security Toolkit

A Complete Guide to Construction Site Security - WCCTV UK

Covert CCTV for Utility and CNI Security

Covert CCTV cameras can be utilised to protect the most valuable assets, prevent metal and cable, and gather evidence at power stations, clean and wastewater treatment sites, wind farms, pipelines, nuclear power and gas terminals.

They provide peace of mind by allowing users to remotely monitor a location without site visits and costly security guard visits.

Installing covert CCTV cameras gives you eyes on your power stations and other utility sites; ensuring that operations keep moving.

Covert CCTV for Vacant Properties

Like the construction site use case, WCCTV would recommend highly overt cameras for vacant properties.

However, covert systems can play a role in the vacant property application. They are an ideal solution for criminal investigations in the case of trespassing, vandalism and/or arson attacks.

Placing cameras in strategic locations, these covert CCTV cameras will be able to monitor at all hours of the day and night and capture high-quality video evidence that helps identify the guilty party for prosecution.

WCCTV 4G Covert Dome

The WCCTV 4G Covert Dome provides discreet surveillance in response to any crime situation.

As an all-in-one rapid deployment surveillance solution, the Covert Dome combines an HD PTZ camera, 4TB local recording capacity and 4G transmission technology all hidden in a durable, covert housing that blends into the surroundings.

The system is easy to install, easy to maintain, and moved to new locations to target crime hotspots or as your CCTV requirements change.

To ensure the integrity of current covert deployment, we never publish specifications of images of our covert camera. For more information, click the link below and provide us with your contact details.

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