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WCCTV Helps Redbridge Council Secure 2417 Arrests in 2 Years

WCCTV customer Redbridge Council have helped police make 2,417 arrests in the last two and a half years, new figures have revealed.

With a network of more than 250 cameras monitored in the borough, including WCCTV's Redeployable CCTV systems and Number Plate Recognition Cameras, any suspicious activity or evidence is passed to the police to assist in prosecutions.

Redbridge council released figures for between January 2013 and July 2015.

It said that in this time period, there were 11,708 incidents dealt with by its CCTV team, which resulted in 2,417 arrests being made with CCTV used as evidence.

This year, three of the council’s CCTV operators received awards from the Metropolitan Police for helping them to secure arrests.

In July 2015 a WCCTV Mini Dome + ANPR camera was installed in Seagry Road, Wanstead, after residents complained of groups of people parking at the end of the road to deal and take drugs, and couples engaging in sexual activity in their vehicles.

As well as recording activity in the street, these cameras can capture number-plates of suspicious cars.

These figures come as a new policy of releasing CCTV images of fly-tipping suspects will start.

Labour councillor Dev Sharma, cabinet member for civic pride, said: "Keeping the borough safe is one of our priorities and CCTV is a vital tool in helping to achieve this.

“CCTV is also important in helping us to tackle crime and helping us to keep vulnerable residents safe, it complements our existing community safety measures.

"CCTV can also put off criminals from operating in the borough and often reassures residents and visitor by its presence."

The WCCTV Mini Dome and ANPR System at Seagry Road, Redbridge.

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