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WCCTV’s Mobile CCTV Towers Deployed in Wiltshire to Tackle Littering

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WCCTV is pleased to announce its partnership with Wiltshire Council to deploy multiple mobile CCTV Towers to detect and deter littering and other environmental offences.

How do councils reduce littering and fly-tipping?

As part of the council’s "Don't Mess with Wiltshire" campaign, three WCCTV mobile CCTV Towers have been strategically placed in laybys identified as litter hotspots across the county.

WCCTV worked closely with Wiltshire Council and quickly deployed three mobile CCTV Towers to prevent littering and catch culprits in the act.

Wiltshire councillor Dominic Muns commented: “We are fighting back with these CCTV cameras, which will help to prevent littering and catch culprits in the act."

We are fortunate to live and work in a beautiful county, rich in wildlife and environmental wonders – and we want to keep it litter free and wonderful.”

Mobile CCTV Towers

Our rapid deployment CCTV Towers are highly effective in combating littering and fly-tipping. They are an imposing deterrent to would-be criminals, finished in a highly visible fluorescent yellow colour and standing at 6m tall. When supported with our 24/7 video monitoring services, they provide real-time detection, protect environments and capture criminal activity in real-time.

One of the key benefits of these units is how quick they can be deployed to fly-tipping and littering hotspots. They feature state-of-the-art security cameras and advanced ANPR technology to identify offenders and support prosecutions.

Redeployable Cameras

Our redeployable CCTV cameras provide temporary and targeted surveillance coverage to precisely target littering and fly-tipping.  One of the major benefits is that they are fully portable, so you can quickly and easily move and reposition cameras to hotspots

Benefits of Redeployable Cameras and Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers

  • Strategic Monitoring: Move and reposition cameras to fly-tipping hotspots.
  • High-Quality Footage: Clear evidence collection to support prosecution efforts.
    Real-Time Alerts: Immediate notifications for prompt action on fly-tipping incidents.
  • Data Analysis: Gain insights to identify patterns and proactively address waste dumping.

If you are looking to reduce littering and fly-tipping in your area, contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

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