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CCTV Tower at Small Site Compound


Why Construction Site CCTV is Essential

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WCCTV’s security experts below outline the reasons CCTV systems are essential for construction sites and how our temporary cameras are the best solution.

Rising inflation is pushing the cost of construction projects higher and higher. As a knock-on effect, materials, including plant machinery, power tools and fuel, are becoming more valuable than ever.

Many items are easy to resell and hard to trace, making them the ideal easy target for thieves. Losses from a construction theft are estimated to be at an all-time high, so every penny you invest in CCTV to secure your site will pay for itself several times over by deterring theft.  

We outline why CCTV systems are essential for construction sites and how our temporary cameras are the best solution.

How to prevent theft from your Construction Site

Thieves think construction sites are easy targets and often they are right - as many lack proper security measures.

The main causes of theft are:

  • Open cabs, sheds, or containers providing easy access to thieves

  • Multiple pieces of equipment sharing the same keys or keys kept in obvious locations

  • Unsecured construction sites, particularly at night and over weekends

Our three tired security CCTV provides you with the ultimate coverage of your site; the presence of CCTV Towers can, in most cases, be enough to deter any unwanted intrusions onto your site.

Unfortunately, not all would-be criminals are easily jilted from their crimes, but  our systems can detect and deliver real-time alerts of unauthorised intrusions. 

We can send these alerts directly to our video monitoring partners, who will connect to the CCTV cameras to verify the alarm, issue an audio challenge, and, if required, dispatch police or mobile security guards to the site.

Check out our example video footage below.

Choosing the right CCTV Camera for your Construction Site

Procuring your CCTV system from a reputable company that has experience in the construction field an has already supported many projects.

Whenever equipment is going to be used outside and exposed to the elements, it is essential to work with a company that know what they are doing to avoid and unnecessary costs due to the inefficiency of the system.

We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to which cameras to use. Construction security requirements can be unique from one site to the next, and each will have a different risk profile.

That's why we have developed a complete range of customer-driven CCTV systems that can be adapted to any site and evolved as a project progresses.


Our Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers stand 7m tall and are bright yellow, so it can help deter crime from your site just by presence alone.

It features a powerful infrared PTZ camera that captures crystal clear HD imagery day or night, whatever the weather.

Fixed and wireless motion detectors alert the system if thieves try to hide behind containers, and audio speakers will allow for a live audio challenge to those who are trespassing and will scatter from the site - empty-handed.

Construction Site Security: Choosing the Right CCTV Camera

Remote Monitored CCTV for Construction Sites

Lastly, another vital aspect is when CCTV cameras are combined with professional remote monitoring services, they become a virtual security guard - delivering an unrivaled, proactive security solution.

As a construction manager, you want to ensure you can remotely identify and remediate any problems affecting your construction site as soon as possible.

All of WCCTV's rapid deployment CCTV systems deliver live and recorded video via 4G mobile transmission. The video can be accessed anytime, from anywhere, via our free and unlicensed viewing software.

For remote monitoring purposes, the video stream is sent directly to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) or monitoring station. A team of security professionals will receive an alarm from your site, immediately review the footage to verify the alarm then take appropriate action.

Find out more about How Remote CCTV Monitoring works for Construction Sites

Managed CCTV and Security Services for Construction Sites

As the UK's leading provider of fully managed construction site security services.

Whether you're looking for site security for temporary construction or demolition projects, time lapse video production, onsite communications, remote access to project manage a site or review health and safety, or the complete package, WCCTV can supply you with a bespoke solution on a sale or rental basis.

Our site security services' quality, reliability, and competitive pricing are why we have more active systems nationwide with leading construction and demolition companies than any other supplier.

To learn more about protecting your sites, contact us today on 0800 470 4630 or get in touch



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