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Stevenage Borough Council


Hertfordshire CCTV Partnership Ltd is a partnership between Stevenage Borough Council, East Herts District Council, Hertsmere Borough Council and North Herts District Council. Their aim is to reduce the fear of crime across the principal public, residential, retail, business and schools within the partnership.

The Challenge

Stevenage Borough Council had identified a number of crime hotspots in and around the district. The problems were increasing in number but seemed to happen outside the catchment area of their existing fixed fibre optic CCTV system.

Stevenage Community Safety Partnership worked closely with residents to develop a strategy aimed at reducing crimes that included abusive behaviour, violence and assaults, alcohol-related crimes, drug misuse, vandalism, vehicle crimes, fly-tipping and damage to properties.

WCCTV Stevange

The objective was to improve the quality of living for all residents of Stevenage and reduce the fear of crime.

Stevenage Borough Council required a rapidly deployable, portable surveillance solution that could be placed in problem locations. These locations were to be identified by members of The Community Safety Partnership and other interested parties such as the police and housing/drug wardens.

The Solution

WCCTV provided Stevenage Borough Council with a number of portable Dome units. WCCTV’s 4G HD Heavy Duty Dome, a resilient unit that can withstand extremes of weather and attempts at vandalism. In addition, it offers a highly visual deterrent to any would-be offender.

WCCTV 4G HD Heavy Duty Dome is a rapid-deployment video system that integrates a market-leading 2MP Predator camera capable of delivering images up to 1080p, a wireless transmission module and local recording capability (up to 4TB) into a single, easy to install redeployable unit.

The system is vandal-resistant and can operate in the most hazardous conditions, ensuring the continuous recording of digital evidential quality video

Users are able to dial in remotely (via 4G/3G and Wi-Fi) and access live images or stored digital footage from the integral hard drive. The camera itself can be controlled remotely with full pan, tilt and zoom functionality and a 360° field of vision.

The Result

The 4G HD Heavy Duty Dome has acted as a deterrent and assisted in the reduction of crime in targeted hotspots.

‘The Dome units really work as a deterrent, as soon as we deploy one in an identified crime hotspot, the number of incidents reduces considerably’.

"The team have been impressed not just with the quality of footage obtained from the WCCTV Domes, but also with the high standard of training, customer support and service provided.’

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