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Ariel View of a Data Centre Facility

Critical Infrastructure Security

Data Centre Security

WCCTV security solutions are tailored to combat and minimise data centre related crimes. We are the UK's trusted leader in reducing security risks, offering rapid deployment CCTV Towers with a fully managed remote monitoring service.

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Data centres face multiple critical security threats, including trespassing, theft, criminal damage, and arson that can disrupt service delivery.

Cable and metal theft alone cost the UK economy around £770 million every year, and data centres are a prime target.

Protecting these remote sites isn’t easy as the locations and assets are usually spread across large and complex sites. You require a robust and intelligent security solution.

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Inside of a Data Centre

Managed Security Services

CCTV Systems for Data Centre Security

As the UK’s leading provider of Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers, we take data centre security to the next level by providing solutions that offer continuous protection, real-time monitoring and peace of mind. 

We supply our own manufactured CCTV products backed by a comprehensive service covering site survey, installation, maintenance, alarm monitoring, response and monthly reporting to enhance your data centre's physical security and keep potential threats at bay.

Our CCTV Cameras and Towers are available for rental or purchase depending on your requirements.

How WCCTV Protects Data Centres

Remote Guarding System

Live Monitored CCTV for Data Centres

Take a look at how our live monitored CCTV cameras detect and deter criminal activity. Intruders are automatically detected, nine times out of ten they are deterred by the audio and visual warning from our units, and when they don't we liaise directly with police and keyholders to respond. 

Remote Site Security

Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers for Securing Data Centres

Our Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers are specifically designed to provide an all-in-one site security at remote locations on a temporary or permanent basis.

They provide a visible deterrent, helping prevent intrusions to your site. As truly rapid-deployment security solutions, they can be installed and fully operational in around 20 minutes.

The CCTV Tower provides wireless transmission of video and alarms, a heavy-duty infrared, 360° pan, tilt and 36x zoom camera as well as audio speakers to enable a remote challenge to occur and local recording capability to store evidential footage.

Our CCTV Towers can be provided with a range of powering options for complete flexibility depending upon your security requirements.

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Infrastructure CCTV Tower


Benefits and Features

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Managed Service

Our CCTV cameras are backed by a comprehensive service that includes installation, preventative maintenance, remote diagnostics, alarm monitoring, connectivity and regular reporting. 

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Crime Deterrent

Standing 7m tall and painted bright yellow, our CCTV Towers are highly visible security systems. This visual presence is enhanced by flashing blue lights and audio warning systems. 

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Autonomous Security

WCCTV rapid deployment site towers offer a fully autonomous security solution, utilising solar and fuel cell technology for powering and mobile transmission technology for video delivery.

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Viewing Software

Our free desktop software and mobile app allows you to remotely monitor your sites no matter where you are or what time of day. 

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Cost Effective

WCCTV's managed security services help reduce total security spend by up to 88% when compared to the cost of traditional guarding services, without any compromise on safety or reliability. 

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Rapid Deployment

A WCCTV Tower can be installed and fully operation in under an hour, providing complete security at your sites without any complicated set up process. 

Remote CCTV Monitoring Station

24/7 Remote Guarding

Professional Video Monitoring for Data Centres

While the presence of a CCTV Tower at your facility may deter some criminals, the effectiveness of our cameras is significantly enhanced when complemented by live monitoring services.

Our dedicated security team watches over your sites, detecting unauthorised activity and capturing evidence using the camera's PTZ capabilities. Most importantly, when suspicious activity is detected, our video monitoring team issues a live audio warning, notifying intruders that they have been detected and recorded.

If intruders persist on the premises despite the audio warning, we swiftly dispatch police or security personnel.

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Industry approved solutions

Our Accreditations

Storage Racks in a Data Centre

Trusted Security Solutions

Why Use WCCTV?

We are the UK's leading provider of rapid-deployment CCTV systems specifically tailored to meet the unique demands of Data Centre security.

Our experience spans over 20 years of working with leading companies, protecting every type of Data Centre

We manufacture our own CCTV systems, allowing us to provide competitive pricing backed by our in-house support team

We have a solution that will help mitigate the threat of theft, vandalism and trespass while giving you the tools to view your site remotely

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