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Construction Site Theft Statistics (And How to Avoid Becoming One)

Theft, vandalism and arson remain a persistent challenge for the construction industry, with national statistics revealing the high cost of these crimes. 

Construction sites contain valuable materials such as metal, timber, tools, and machinery. These materials are at risk of theft when your teams go home for the day, particularly if your site has no security measures.

With the price of tools and materials at an all-time high due to inflation, material shortages, and record-high construction levels, sites are under constant pressure to keep thieves out. 

The impact of theft is more than just the cost of equipment or material stolen. Those items need to be replaced, which has a time impact on your project, resulting in lost productivity or delays.

You may also have to inform insurance companies, which can be time-consuming and lead to higher premiums. 


Construction Site CCTV Cameras

Construction Site Theft Stats

The most recently released statistics from the insurer Allianz Cornhill revealed that theft costs the industry £800 million annually.

This staggering statistic expanded upon further, with the report also stating:

  • 92% of UK construction site managers report they have been affected by theft. 
  • 1 in 5 construction sites across the UK is targeted by thieves every week. 
  • 91% of UK construction site managers have experienced vandalism on their construction sites. 
  • Over 7,000 metal-related thefts were recorded every month in 2021. 
  • Plant machinery has less than a 10% recovery rate following a robbery. 

A Complete Guide to Construction Site Security - WCCTV UK

How to Avoid Construction Site Theft

At WCCTV, we firmly believe that managed CCTV cameras are the most effective solution for securing construction sites. However, we recognise that while cameras are incredibly effective, there are several basic measures construction sites can take to tighten security. 

We recently published our Comprehensive Guide to Construction Site Security, which looks at best practices for securing a construction site. Key topics covered include:

  • Installing fencing: Fences make it difficult for opportunist thieves to access your sites out of hours. You can enhance the effectiveness of fences by utilising fence coverings that prevent anyone from seeing what's on your site. This will reduce the likelihood of an opportunist burglary.

  • Locking away valuable tools or materials: Hiding or locking away valuable materials and tools at the end of each shift prevents thieves from getting an easy ride and could save you thousands of dollars. 

  • Installing temporary lighting: Installing lighting can help deter thieves; however, ensure any lights you install are positioned in a way that does not obscure any security cameras you have in place.

  • Track all materials: Keeping a running inventory of all deliveries in and out will help you know precisely what equipment and materials are on-site. Keep a paper trail for every item from the point of order through delivery and implementation.

  • Installing mobile CCTV cameras: Portable CCTV systems work best for construction sites. They are easily moved, so as the site progresses, and the camera position needs to change, they can develop with your site.

To learn more ways to help keep your job sites secured, download our free eBook, A Comprehensive Guide to Construction Site Security, below.

A Comprehensive Guide to Construction Site Security

WCCTV: Managed CCTV Cameras for Remote Site Security 

WCCTV is the UK's leading provider of managed CCTV systems for temporary and remote construction sites. 

We supply our own manufactured CCTV Towers supported by a comprehensive service that includes a site survey, equipment installation, regular maintenance, remote video monitoring, proactive response and monthly reporting.

We can provide our CCTV systems regardless of your onsite power and internet availability as they are completely autonomous solutions.

Ready to find out how WCCTV's Rapid Deployment CCTV can assist remote site security? Get in touch today on 0800 470 4630 or email

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