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How to Secure Your Construction Site

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WCCTV has produced a handy infographic outlining the most effective ways to secure your construction site from theft, arson, vandalism and trespass.

How can you secure your Construction Site?

The presence of high-value materials, machinery and tools makes construction sites a common target for theft. Sites without adequate security present a low-risk, high-reward opportunity for thieves. 

Thefts from construction sites are hugely disruptive and can lead to significant project delays. WCCTV has led the electronic security systems market for over two decades and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in protecting construction sites. 

We have invested that knowledge into creating a handy infographic explaining the most effective ways to secure your construction site from theft, arson, vandalism and trespass. 

  1. CCTV Systems

    CCTV is a visible deterrent to thieves, and when supported by remote alarm monitoring they act as a virtual security guard protecting your site around the clock.

  2. TER Register

    Mark valuable equipment and register it with the National Plant and Equipment Register (TER), making it easier to track and return stolen items.

  3. Secure Fencing

    Surrounding your compounds with secure fencing, gates, or hoarding will prevent easy access to your sites and block opportunist thieves from seeing what is on your site.

  4. Regular Staff Checks

    Carry out regular employee background checks, including making CSCS Smart Cards mandatory for all site workers. Staff should also be trained in how to mitigate security risks and report crimes.

  5. Lighting

    Invest in high-quality lighting and fencing systems to illuminate the site and restrict perimeter access.

  6. Remove Keys

    Remove keys from vehicles and machinery where left unattended and invest in whicle immobilising equipment to prevent theft.

  7. Secure Storage

    Ensure your construction site has excellent storage facilities, complete with secure locking or electrical safety systems.

  8. Accredited Installers

    Only work with accredited security installers and suppliers, as well as ensuring all technology is kept up to date and maintained

Download the Full Infographic

Managed CCTV and Security Services for Construction Sites

WCCTV is the UK's leading supplier of fully managed construction site security solutions, with more active systems nationwide than any other supplier.

Whether you're looking for video surveillance, time lapse video production, remote access to project manage a site or review health and safety, or the complete package, WCCTV can supply you with a customised solution on a sale or hire basis.

We offer the highest quality, reliability, and a competitive pricing structure to suit projects of any length. 

Ready to find out how Rapid Deployment CCTV can work for your company? Get in touch today at 0800 470 4630 or request a call back


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