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WCCTV Redeployable CCTV Camera Unit
WCCTV Solar Trailer and Mini Dome

Redeployable CCTV Cameras

4G Solar Trailer

The WCCTV 4G Solar Trailer is an autonomously-powered surveillance trailer that can be rapidly deployed at practically any location.

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Solar CCTV Trailer for Police and Councils

Autonomous Safety and Security

WCCTV Solar CCTV Trailer

WCCTV's autonomously-powered CCTV Trailer can be rapidly deployed at practically any location, helping local authorities and police forces monitor crime hot spots, secure short-term events, deter crime and improve neighbourhood safety.

Designed for flexibility and responsiveness, the Trailer takes minutes to install and can easily be relocated as your monitoring and safety requirements change. Break free of static cameras with WCCTV.

The Trailer is equipped with a WCCTV redeployable camera, which delivers all-in-one video surveillance by combining wireless video transmission and local video storage with a powerful IR PTZ camera.

For additional convenience and ease of deployment, the WCCTV Trailer is towable by most vehicles with an appropriate driving licence. 

CCTV for Police Forces

Temporary Security. Targeted Surveillance.

WCCTV Redeployable Cameras

Flexible, Responsive Security

Features and Benefits

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Autonomous CCTV System

Solar powering provides complete autonomy and flexibility in where you are able to deploy CCTV and augment your physical resources. 

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Rapid Deployment

The Solar CCTV Trailer can be installed and fully operational in under 20 minutes, providing a dynamic response to emerging situations or temporary surveillance needs.

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The CCTV Trailer is fully portable and easy to move to new locations should your surveillance priorities change.

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Remote Connectivity

The wireless transmission technology built into WCCTV redeployable cameras allows users to access footage remotely at any time from any device. 

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Leading Technology

Our CCTV trailer is quipped with a WCCTV Redeployable Camera, the most advanced mobile surveillance system in the marketplace. 

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Integration Options

We work with every major supplier of Video Management Software (VMS) to ensure our cameras can integrate directly into your control rooms.

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Ongoing Diagnostics

All of our CCTV systems contain our built-in remote diagnostics tool, WCCTV Heartbeat, which continual checks the cameras to ensure optimal performance. 

Advanced CCTV Technology

WCCTV Redeployable Cameras

Our Solar CCTV Trailer is equipped with a WCCTV Redeployable Camera, the most advanced portable CCTV system in the marketplace.

As an all-in-one solution, it combines an HD PTZ camera, 4TB of onboard storage and wireless (4G/5G) connectivity into a portable, lightweight unit.

Additional advanced features include infrared day/night imaging, AI video analytics, auto tracking and additional input channels for the addition of secondary units such as ANPR cameras.

Live and recorded footage and controls can be accessed remotely via our desktop software and/or mobile app, or via control room integration.

The Benefits of Redeployable CCTV

A WCCTV dome image sector inner
Town Centre at Night

Use Cases of 4G Solar Trailer

Public Space Monitoring

The WCCTV Solar Trailer can be deployed to any public location requiring additional security and surveillance coverage on a temporary basis.

Its portability means it can be quickly and cost-effectively relocated should your monitoring requirements change or new priorities emerge.

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Police Officers

Use Cases of 4G Solar Trailer

Increased Policing Measures

The WCCTV Solar Trailer allows police forces to extend their physical presence and enhance their evidence gathering capabilities in a cost-effective manner. 

The Trailer can quickly be deployed to locations associated with antisocial behaviour, acquisitive crime, violence and disorder and to provide community assurance.

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Event Safety Officer

Use Cases of 4G Solar Trailer

Events Security

The autonomous powering capability of the WCCTV Solar trailer makes it the perfect solution for increasing safety and security at short-term events. 

The trailer can be installed and fully operational in a matter of minutes, and all footage can be accessed remotely via our desktop software or mobile app. 

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WCCTV Stellifii Graphic

Next Generation Technology

Experience the Power of Stellifii

Stellifii is a UK manufactured 5G ready platform that combines video streaming with smart city applications in a cloud based ecosystem. 

Harnessing the power of IoT technology, Stelliffi provides a complete solution for safety, security, intelligence gathering and statistical analysis - one solution for many challenges. 

  • Hardware: Market leading redeployable CCTV 
  • Software: Cloud-based monitoring and reporting
  • AI: Automated safety and security capability
  • Data: Monitor environmental conditions via smart sensor tech

Click below to learn how Stellifii can enhance your monitoring applications, and request your free demo.

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