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Redeployable CCTV for project overview and workforce protection

WCCTV's Network Rail PADS Approved Tower can be used for trackside deployment

Wireless CCTV for The Rail Industry

WCCTV is a leading supplier of remote access CCTV, remote condition monitoring systems, body worn cameras, time lapse video and level crossing census data to the rail industry. WCCTV’s product portfolio covers a wide range of applications for both trackside and non-trackside deployments.

Systems include WCCTV Body Worn Cameras and the Network Rail Type Approved Tower (Certificate Number PA05/04778), the only CCTV tower approved for trackside deployment.

WCCTV’s products are specifically designed for rail environments, meetings the needs of the Company’s diverse range of rail clients – which includes Network Rail, TFL (London Underground and London Overground), Train Operating Companies, Freight Operating Companies & multiple rail contractors.

Our systems have been instrumental in reducing delay minutes, improving safety measures, protecting remote sites and assets, providing real time video, data and alerts to assist with strategic and critical decisions.

Wireless CCTV’s solutions are extremely cost effective and can be fully integrated into a CCTV monitoring control room or they can be used as stand-alone solutions accessed via multiple platforms and devices.

Rail Solutions Include:

  • Body Worn Cameras

  • Level Crossing Misuse

  • Level Crossing Census

  • Flood and Landslip detection

  • Bridge Strike Monitoring

  • Cracks and Buckling

  • SPAD monitoring

  • Workforce Protection

  • Points Monitoring

  • Leaf Fall Monitoring

  • Time Lapse Video

  • Trespass Detection

  • Asset Protection

  • Depot and Site Security

  • Cable Theft Prevention

Key Products

Key Benefits

  • Improved safety for workforce and public

  • Reduce delay minutes

  • Boots off ballast

  • Reduced costs associated with theft and vandalism

  • Fewer site visits

  • Totally autonomous solutions

  • No requirements for supporting infrastructure

WCCTV Rail Body Worn Cameras


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