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Connor Halpin - Student Placement

Connor Halpin

Joined WCCTV: 2014
Placement Role: Customer Support Administrator
Current Role: Project Manager

Why did you do a placement year?

While studying for a BA (Hons) in Business Information Technology, I wanted to gain additional skill sets to improve my overall employability and obtain real work experience that would complement and support my career choice.

Why did you choose WCCTV?

WCCTV showed a clear pattern of investing time and training into their placement students which allowed them to return in graduate roles. They expressed how crucial my role would be and that I was more than a student placement.

How did WCCTV support your development?

WCCTV offered many resources during my placement to help further my training requirements and advancement within the Company.

I saw my placement year as a yearlong job interview, in which time I was able to showcase my talents, and ultimately develop my overall employability through skill set development.

After completing my placement, I was offered a permanent role with the Company whilst finishing my studies - this allowed me to gain vital experience coupled with my studies.

WCCTV continued to support my career progression with various promotions throughout the Company and a SIA Approved qualification, which supports and enhances my current job role capability for the Company.

Would you recommend WCCTV to other students?

WCCTV is a great company to have your student placement, as they offer an outstanding substantial support system and they understand your needs to help you grow and flourish within the organisation and prepare you for full-time employment.

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Connor Halpin
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