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WCCTV 4G Solar Dome

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The WCCTV 4G Solar Dome is an autonomously powered rapid deployment CCTV system specifically designed for monitoring and surveillance applications at off-grid and remote locations where power and mounting infrastructure are not available.

An ultra-slim, high-performance solar panel powers the WCCTV Solar Dome with a battery back up to allow deployment in practically any location.

The WCCTV Solar Dome can be deployed via two methods:

Option 1:

A WCCTV 4G IR Speed Dome is supplied with a 6m high tilt down column for mounting the camera, a solar panel and a long-life integral battery built into the column.

This deployment method provides year-round operation, with the battery capable of providing up to 15 days of continuous performance even in zero sunlight.

Option 2:

A WCCTV 4G IR Speed Dome is supplied with a solar panel and a long-life battery built into a secure enclosure mounted to an existing pole.

This option is designed for shorter-term deployments and is more compact and portable.

Read more on the benefits of redeployable CCTV.

Features and Benefits

  • Solar-powered redeployable CCTV

  • Completely autonomous CCTV solution

  • Year-round or short-term application options

  • Installation and civils work provided if required

  • Ultra-slim high-performance solar panel

  • 15-day battery back up

  • 50m IR capability

  • Built-in analytics functionality

  • Built-in auto-tracking

  • Remote control with full pan, tilt and zoom functionality

  • Remote access to live and recorded footage

  • Free, unlicensed software (desktop and mobile app)

  • 4G, 3G, GPRS, Wi-Fi and IP connectivity

  • Control room integration

  • IP65 rated

  • Up to 4TB internal storage

  • Remote power cycle option

  • Ongoing health-check option

Redeployable CCTV Camera - WCCTV 4G Solar Dome - Remote Install

Redeployable CCTV - WCCTV Solar Dome - Project Stack Install

Transmission methods

WCCTV provides the most competitive data packages, with all products specifically designed for the secure transmission of video over mobile and wireless networks.

This includes utilising fixed static IP addresses and VPN access to ensure no unauthorised access to your video streams. WCCTV cameras transmit video via: 

  • 4G (with fall back to 3G)

  • IP/Broadband

  • LAN-only

  • Wi-Fi (Long range up to 2km, short-range 100m)

Purchase Information

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Alternatively you can contact WCCTV on 0800 470 4630 or

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Durham Council Web

Durham Police Install WCCTV Redeployable Cameras to Tackle ASB

Durham Police have recently deployed a number of WCCTV’s Redeployable Camera systems to tackle crime at ASB hotspots across the town of Newton Aycliffe.



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