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WCCTV HD Site Tower

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Product Information
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WCCTV’s HD Site Tower is a Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower designed to provide complete site security for construction sites, Critical National Infrastructure or any location where temporary monitoring is required.

The 7m tall, bright yellow Site Tower provides a highly-visible deterrent, helping to prevent trespass and intrusions onto sites before they occur.

As an all-in-one surveillance solution, it features wireless transmission (4G/3G) of video and alarms, a HD infrared, 360° PTZ camera to allow a remote operator to capture images of any potential intruders, audio speakers to enable a remote challenge to occur and local recording capability for the storage of evidential footage.

As a truly-rapid deployment CCTV system, the WCCTV HD Site Tower can be installed and fully-operational in just a matter of minutes - ensuring your sites are protected.

Its multiple motion detectors, audio speakers backed by high-end alarm monitoring and response effectively eliminate the need for costly manned-guarding, reducing security costs by up to 86% without compromising on quality or reliability.

Powering options include:

The WCCTV HD Site Tower can be provided as a standalone security system or as part of a fully-managed security and site monitoring solution which includes survey, installation, monitoring, maintenance, redeployment and 3rd party key holder escalation.

The HD Site Tower is available on a sale or rental basis.

Features and Benefits



Transmission methods

WCCTV provides the most competitive data packages, with all products specifically designed for the secure transmission of video over mobile networks.

  • 4G (with fall back to 3G, HSUPA, HSDPA and GPRS)

  • IP/Broadband

  • LAN-only

  • Wi-Fi (Long range up to 2km, short-range 100m)

  • Satellite

Purchase Information

The WCCTV Site Tower is available on a sale or rental basis, for more information please complete a contact form.

Alternatively you can contact WCCTV on 0800 470 4630 or

Dimensions (HxWxD) - 7200mm x 1400mm x 1570mm - deployed
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 50°C
Power 110-240 Volt input (mains powered) 
Power Consumption 60W @ 240V
Weight 372KG
Software Upgrade Internet / 4G / 3G / Back to Back PC


Video Inputs Up to 4
Operation Simultaneous live, record, playback, remote access
Optical/Digital Zoom 23x optical / 16x digital
Resolution of Camera 1080p
Maximum FPS 25
Recording Proprietary narrowband algorithm
Multimode (recording algorithms)     Dynamically changes record rates and compression settings for the camera
Snapshot Video Clip Yes
Video Motion Search Yes
Archive Protection Yes - protect against overwriting
Wireless Communication Supported via suitable interface - GSM, GPRS, UMTS, HSDPA, HSCSD, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi
IR Range 200M
Wireless Detectors Up to 8 
Wired Detectors Up to 4 with multiple zones


Maximum Internal Capacity     Up to 4TB
Hard Disk Drive Types Removable SATA hard disk drive
Export 4G / HSUPA / Network / Optional removable SATA Drive               


Alarm Function Support Alarm log, event search, pre-event recording                                             
Alarm Reporting Yes - to a remote site via email
Display Alarm on PC Monitor       Yes or network / HSUPA / 4G
Video Motion Detection Yes - onboard analytics
Mains Fail Alarm Up to 12 hours battery backup


Remote PTZ Control Yes
Bandwidth Management Yes
Remote Administration Yes
Remote PC Client                Client Software Free Download                                                   
Remote Web Browser Client Viewing
Password Protected Yes
Smartphone Compatible Yes
Tablet Compatible Yes
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Improving Construction Site Health and Safety with CCTV

Site CCTV provides multiple benefits beyond just security. Find out how a WCCTV Site Tower can assist with remote project management and improve health and safety.



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