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Redeployable CCTV for Housing Associations - Wireless CCTV UK

WCCTV Redeployable CCTV for Housing Associations

Deployable CCTV Cameras for Housing Associations - ASB - Fly-Tipping

WCCTV Housing Association CCTV

Housing Associations and Social Landlords CCTV

WCCTV works with the UK’s leading housing associations and arms-length management organisations (ALMOs) to provide overt and covert wireless CCTV systems to prevent and reduce issues of vandalism, crime and anti-social behaviour.

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Redeployable CCTV for Housing Associations and Social Landlords

WCCTV's Redeployable CCTV systems are an ideal solution for tackling antisocial behaviour, vandalism and fly-tipping, helping to improve community safety issues and reduce the fear of crime.

WCCTV's rapid deployment cameras can be used to target specific hot-spot areas with the flexibility of being able to move them to new locations if requirements change. 

Our market-leading video surveillance systems are backed by our world-class technical and customer support services to ensure wireless CCTV users get the most out of their systems. WCCTV can provide a range of support services accessible by phone, email, online or face-to-face.

In addition to providing redeployable cameras and ongoing support, WCCTV can provide housing associations with a complete managed service package, including product installation, commissioning and redeployments, downloading and storage of video footage, ongoing maintenance, warranty, and system health checks. This complete package allows the housing association to achieve the maximum results from their CCTV systems.

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Body Worn Cameras for Housing Associations

WCCTV's multi-award-winning Body Worn Cameras are utilised by Housing Associations to assist with many applications, including lone and vulnerable worker protection, tenancy enforcement services, anti-social behaviour applications and housing officer/warden applications.

Body Worn Cameras are proven to reduce conflict, improve personal safety and help secure criminal prosecutions by providing live, encrypted and tamper-proof video and audio evidence.

Our experience of working with Housing Associations means we're able to provide you with practical advice and information on the effective deployment of body worn video, including Privacy Impact Assessments, compliance and best practice and data management.

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Service and Support

  • 4G and 3G networking

  • Ongoing support

  • Bespoke online training

  • Interactive training guides

  • 1st line diagnostic support

  • 10 day turnaround on repairs

  • UK based technical support

  • Footage downloads (encrypted, protected and backed-up)

  • Redeployments

  • Repair and replacement

  • Remote service and commissioning

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Redeployable CCTV Case Study: Brighton Council

Body Worn Video Case Study: Sheffield Council

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